in a sustainable way fashion’s bright future

who is cotit

COTIT is a unique resourceful company specialised in garments. A worldwide network of suppliers and manufacturers  ensures that your demand can be fulfilled. COTIT helps businesses to reach the next level

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How we do business

One of our main values is working with high integrity. Building a strong and long lasting relationships. We believe that working towards common goals with customers is the key to success. With our creative minds we ensure that there’s always a solution to be found for every obstacle on the way. From origin COTIT is build by technological and innovative thinkers which leads to efficiënt processes and lean procedures. 

Corporate ethics


Ecological and social changes are causing major changes in global markets. With our professional network existing out of financial institutions, global transporters and experienced manufacturers we can survive any transition period and COTIT has a unique responsiveness. That’s why we actively invest in a sustainable future, integrate sustainable development into our business and create solutions that can help our customers, communities and employees succeed in a rapidly changing world.



High Integrity

We believe in sustainable relationships with our partners, customers and suppliers etc. Therefor working with integrity is essential. Also we feel that it’s our responsibility to be a positive influence the environment we live in.

Wide Diversity

Our team exists out of people from all kinds of ethnicities and interests. We value diversity, because we believe it helps us to see the reality from different perspectives which contributes on having a deeper understanding.

Strong leadership

As a company we set directions and disrupting the status quo. We inspire our people to be the best versions of themselves. Through innovation and constant optimization we move our way forward to bring positive change.




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