The fashion industry is responsible for many environmental problems in the world. We believe that brands have the power to change the buying behavior of consumers and are able to demand from manufacturers to start changing their production processes and their selection of resources. Because if non-sustainable fashion is not available in the market, we would normalize sustainable fashion. By using technology and rethinking production processes we can start making operations more transparent, efficient, and sustainable.

Our company started as a newbie in fashion from the bottom, meaning we have forced ourselves to learn every step within the several processes of production and distribution. Our company goal has always been to bring solutions where there are many problems. As we have been digging deep into the fashion branch, we found many challenges to solve and that’s why consider ourselves as Fashion’s Bright Future.

WHo is cotit

How we do business

COTIT is a game-changer in the fashion industry. Even though it’s a challenging road to follow, we keep re-inventing processes and adopting new technologies to reduce pollution, waste, and exploitation of workers. Besides improving the circumstances, we are also taking the huge opportunity to make the production process of fashion products more transparent by informing consumers about the different stages the product has been through.

Although we are focussing on doing things the right way, we also consider that things should be fun, beautiful, and creative. Fashion is a way of expression and being able to create a unique style. All of this is considered in the way we are doing business and creating products and solutions.

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company people

COTIT’s greatest asset is the people working in the company. Our company culture is very important to us, as we believe that working strongly together and having awareness as a collective is the key to treat our environment with love and care.
It shouldn’t matter who we are dealing with, we even treat every external relationship as a part of our COTIT Family. As everything for us is about bringing positive energy into the world.

Automatically this means that we care a lot about natural resources and the environmental impacts of producing garments and accessories. By being data-driven and enabling technology to obtain specific numbers and facts, we are creating the opportunity to respond quickly, efficiently, and accurately.






High Integrity

We believe in sustainable relationships with our partners, customers, and suppliers, etc. Therefore working with integrity is essential. Also, we feel that it’s our responsibility to be a positive influence on the environment we live in.

Wide Diversity

Our team exists out of people from all kinds of ethnicities and interests. We value diversity because we believe it helps us to see reality from different perspectives which contribute to having a deeper understanding.

Strong leadership

As a company, we set directions and disrupting the status quo. We inspire our people to be the best versions of themselves. Through innovation and constant optimization, we move our way forward to bring positive change.