COTIT Marketplace

A digital warehouse that enables specific markets in retail to come together and sell their collection of products on one automated platform. We build this piece of technology to stimulate and encourage businesses to grow their online sales. 

Why use COTIT Marketplace

Platform as a Service


White label solution

Start using your own branded e-commerce platform that brings retail brands and consumers in certain segments come together. A platform that provides full management over brands, products, sales statistics, and much more exciting features. 


Easy to use

Saving time and increasing efficiency as we have focused a lot on the user interface. COTIT Marketplace meets the needs of users and fulfills their requirements during their journey on this platform. Features are well-thought-out and constantly improving.



Bring markets together

With our user-friendly platform, we enable retailers to expand their online sales with an effective e-commerce channel. Giving consumers a broad variation of products and reach a wide number of brands. Created to offer the best online shopping experience. 


Focus on sales

The platform enables retailers to focus on their business strategy. Small, medium and large businesses are able to set up and run their shop against low costs. Giving the ability to operate from anywhere and scale very easily. With as result, higher margins and lower operational costs. 

Impressions of the Marketplace

 How to use COTIT Marketplace

Build for multiple purposes


Admin level

By supporting multi-admins, the admin side has full coverage to manage the entire platform. Providing great service to brands and consumers. COTIT Marketplace offers many vital functionalities and features with an easy way to manage finance, distribution and users.


Brand level

Brands have the capability to operate their business from any place in the world, by having a wide variety of features to administer their products and stocks with a visual overview of their sale statistics. Being able to have direct contact with admins through helpdesk and order management.



Brand group level

Obviously some larger companies are holding a portfolio of multiple brands. We made it easy to manage the brand portfolio through one Seller profile account. Making it efficient for such users to have a clear overview of the total sales and giving the best service to their customers. 


Consumer level

Consumer can find what they are looking for by checking products based on categories, brands and any other kind of sorting or simply by searching in the search bar. By creating a customer profile the consumers have access to their orders history, shipment information,  and other important details and awesome features. 


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