Some time ago the intelligent lockdown started. This brought dire consequences for many entrepreneurs. Even though the lockdown holds, for now, you have to be creative enough to keep your company stable. Putting health first is a very important aspect during the pandemic. Covid-19 has a big impact on all of us. That’s why we think it is crucial to be there for each other and give you advice, inspiration, and tips. 

Tips and tricks for your business

  • Be creative to sell your products or services. For example: sell these through new channels. 
  • Maintain the relationship with your loyal customers. They will support your company through these times of crisis especially because they are at home and can spend more time exploring your products and services. 
  • Be prepared at all times. Every crisis comes to an end. When society gets going again, the urge for social interactions and picking up  “the normal” life is inevitable. Make sure that you as an entrepreneur are prepared for this and that you have a well-thought-out strategy.
  • Help each other. Remember, you are not alone! Many entrepreneurs are in this together. Talk to each other, support each other and work together to get through this period. It is nice to see that initiatives are emerging from entrepreneurs who support each other. This contributes to great collaborations that will last even after the crisis.

Tips and tricks for your health

During this lockdown it is essential to give extra attention to your mind, body, soul and spirit. Especially when you work all day at home. 

  • You can go outside for a run and give yourself the energy to exercise everyday to stay in shape and to create new ideas or a fresh mind. 
  • Give yourself enough vitamins and minerals by eating healthy. Fruit and vegetables give your body needy vitamins. 
  • Be aware of your bad habits, like smoking, eating fast food all day etc. This is the time for you to develop yourself. Read books instead of watching TV, or watch documentaries for more knowledge.  
  • Meditate to keep your soul and spirit in control.
  • These days there is also an opportunity to join different events to socialize with others. 

Be aware of the choices you make. Even through the pandemic you can be successful.