Ele’phants clothing

Cotit is proud to present Ele’phants Series. Everyone should have the opportunity to wear something exclusive and feel good at the same time. Hence, we are constantly working on new original designs, that we keep exclusive. That is to say, we don’t produce them in big mass productions and these designs will never be reproduced. These clothing designs are also linked to one of the Ele’phants Series.


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Ele’phants Series Suede urban suits

An original detail in our clothing designs are the tassels. For instance , in a lot of different cultures they are used for design purposes. To clarify, the word “tassel” originated from the Latin “tassau”, which means “fastener” or, in a way, a knot, “tie” on clothes. Since ancient times, such décor has decorated the outfits of the highest ranks and clergy. In addition to frills, lace and fringes, many peoples also used tassels to decorate national costumes. Also, they were considered neutralizers of the negative impact of the surrounding.

On the other hand, decorative brushes are the most demanded ornaments in the interior design. However, this season, designers began to use this original décor also in decorating clothes and accessories in their fashion collections. That is to say, brushes can decorate not only ottomans, curtains, furniture, lampshades and pillows, but also fashionable clothes. In addition, tassels as a decoration can be found on military uniforms of many countries. For example, on a Turkish men’s fez hat. Likewise, on paintings, iconography, and signs.

In conclusion, even a tassel hat has become a symbol of knowledge and academic achievement in almost all universities in Europe and USA. Hence, we made this whole concept our own and we are the first in the fashion industry to introduce this for men clothing.