Investing in COTIT is an ESG future proof Investment

Future-proof investment

The European Green Deal ensures that our solution is inevitable and one that is required to work towards zero emissions. Operational excellence starts with gathering the right information and keeping an extensive log of the trials, errors, and all progressions. Although we have not created our product based on the new legislation, it is very favorable in terms of revenue probabilities and our company growth.

COTIT is Future Proof Investment ESG
COTIT Team picture with Anthony, Fabion, Dita, Nina, Jabir, Aisha, Mick and Eka

Unique company culture

Our first million euro revenue is achieved with collective hardship, determination, and constant belief in the cause from every team member. We have built everything from scratch and have been challenged by complex situations. Nevertheless, we consistently outperformed ourselves, while having a great time building the company.