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With our delicate collection of brands, we are pushing the standard to reach higher levels. We respect each part in the process of creation where every step is considered with the greatest care and most experienced expertise. As a Fashion Tech company, we are innovating the industry and open up a whole new dimension of possibilities and improvements. 

Ele’phants clothing

Ele’phants clothing

Ele’phants is an urban clothing brand that provides their community with unique streetwear designs from high quality. Beside clothing we also bring different elements of the urban culture together.

Dance, music, art, culture .. Ele’phants loves to give all these creative elements from the urban culture a light to shine.

“Be in your element!”

High Quality fashion
sustainable and smart processing

We @ COTIT believe in a transparent world for the fashion industry, where the process of gathering natural resources, manufacturing, and finishing the product is done with great care for the environment and the social conditions of workers. By adopting smart technologies, combined with high quality and a beautiful variety of meaningful fashion items we are changing and at the same time disrupting the entire industry and those that are connected to the industry. 

Our brands are:


  • One by one unique 
  • Build with the deepest creativity
  • Standing for positive statements
  • Created with love and patience
  • Represent expression and connection

COTIT BRANDS sustainable rules:

  • COTIT shall not deplete natural resources
  • COTIT is against child labor and human exploitation
  • COTIT pays fair prices
  • COTIT avoids using materials that are harming the environment
  • COTIT always operate with high integrity


We understand that we are very different and unique in many aspects, but we believe that we should not forget that we also share alot of similarities. We want to create bridges between cultures, race, sex and religion so we could better understand and respect eachother. We believe that we could bring the people together with storytelling.

A word from the Brand Creators

Working with COTIT had been a pleasure since the first day. They allow me to express myself creatively without any limitations. I create they make 🙏

T. Syams


COTIT is a young team of creatives, with just a good vibe around them. Due to their years of experience they are very professional in what they do. They are flexible and thoughtful in the wishes and ambitions of their customers, which in my case contributes to a very good and close cooperation.

N. Bekkema

CEO, Ele'phants