I want my own clothing line

Starting a successful clothing business looks pretty simple. it is an extensive process which is more complex than it looks.

what should i take into account?


A business plan needs to be in place to map out your business. Without a map and knowing where you stand, it’s almost impossible to reach your destination.

2. Corporate design

The design of your corporate identity, logo and your visual presentation is important. A first impression will be made only once!

3. specify designs

Every clothing piece has more then a thousand variations. It is necessary to specifying all elements, which is convenient for you,  the manufacturer and for us as a partner.

4. select manufacturer

Selecting a manufacturer takes time. Not all manufactures are suitable for your needs and requirements. They all have different requirements, such as the minimum order quantity, availability, materials etc.

5. negotiation

We communicate daily with the manufacturer to get updated and constantly negotiate about terms and different possibilities. Communication is key, and sometimes challenging because of the different time zones.

6. Product Design

Making the product design visually clear for the samples and production is vital in the whole process. Without having graphical experience this is quite a challenge.

7. Product presentation

Product presentation tools such as packaging, labels, hang tags are parts that give the product more value. We advice you think this through. 

8. sales channels

A web shop and/or other sales channels, will make sure that your business will operate, develop and constanly grow. 

There is lot of time and energy put into the start-up phase. Research have shown that about 70% of all fashion start-up’s are involved with product development for at least a year.

Every business will face difficulties on the road to success! With the right guidance you can save a lot of time, energy and money.

rather have your own merchandise?

Start up easily and in a fast way. Please keep in mind that you will need to deliver on creativity for a bit. Inform yourself about the possibilities to start your own merchandise.

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