Private labeling is a popular term for merchandise. This basically means customization of an existing clothing product with your own logo and personal characteristics. This is usually done by various printing techniques and relabeling of clothing.

With a low risk, it is very easy to start and it is perfect for creating brand awareness. Down below we describe the advantages and disadvantages of merchandise compared to manufacturing. 

Merchandise can be delivered fast. Therefore starting your own business is pretty easy.

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Some of the advantages and disadvantages of merchandise


Fast delivery

The delivery of printed clothing often takes often a few days. Therefore you can start your personalized clothing line within a shirt amount of time. 

low start-up costs

Within the start-up phase, besides clear visual designs and the specifications there is not much more to be done. This keeps the start-up costs low.

low minimum order quantity

It is possible to start with a minimum order quantity of 10 pieces. With some parties it is even possible to start with 1 piece. But the price for 1 piece is very expensive. Therefore we decided to work with a minimum order quantity of 10 pieces, so the price per piece is more interesting.

being able to start fast

The quicker you are able to start, the earlier you will come across challenges. This might sound negative, however challenges are part of the process. This ensures you to learn the necessary knowledge and motivate you to keep on developing.


Limited possibilities

For example, it is not possible to print on every part of the clothing. This has to do with the layout and operation of machines. There are a number of limitations that may stand in the way of your creativity and vision.

Cost per item is higher

The labor costs of an average Dutch person are many times higher than in countries where our partner manufacturers are located. In addition, we often have to deal with lower numbers.

using basic products

The clothing products are basic products, which are also used by other companies. As a result, the garment itself is not a unique model.

No influence in way of production

The products are always pre-manufactured, so there is no control about the method of production. Of course, COTIT as a company, ensures that we do not purchase items that involve child labor.

rather have a own clothing line?

There is indeed much more room for creativity and we understand very well that producing through a manufacturer is entrepreneurship on a higher level. But consider the amount of time, energy, ups and downs you will face.

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