You have the vision to start your own clothing brand, but really don’t have a clue where to start.

Step 1

Plan a free exploratory meeting with one of our Partner managers to fully inform yourself.

Step 2

If the conversation went well and you feel like working with COTIT. Start the paid sampling process (see FAQ for more info)


Step 3

Receive a URL link via e-mail to our order system and create an account which allows you to follow the order process and get a clear view of all details.

Step 4

Receive the samples and examine carefully. With your approval the production can start, make sure you discuss with COTIT if you need any other help. COTIT is able to help you with almost anything, however we want to make sure it all fits your budget!

Step 5

The manufacturing process takes 4 – 6 few weeks, just wait patiently and you will receive the products soon.
Enjoy doing business and start making sales. If you need any further assistance, we are stand by to be at your service.

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