Unfortunately you won’t find any prices here. It is impossible to give an exact pricing of tailored made products; Only after giving us more details and information about what you are looking for and want to produce, we are able to give you a price indications. Therefore it is important to make an appointment for a phone consultation to discuss the details and requirements.

 elements which will determine the price

own clothing line

  • Working hours Sampling/Manufacturing
  • Sample items
  • Minimal order quantity
  • Different fabrics
  • Pattern development
  • Complexity of colors
  • Printing method¬†
  • Labels
  • Materials (buttons, zippers, laces etc.)
  • Extra fabrics
  • Logistics
  • Customs

own merchandise

  • Type of item
  • Quantity of the items
  • Quality of the Item
  • Type of printing
  • Size of printing
  • Colors of printing
  • Quality of printing
  • Logistics

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