Team COTIT had an interview with Sandee The Label. There were questions about their experience in the fashion business and experience with COTIT as a client.

Meet Sandee The Label!

Pauline and Esther are two young, spontaneous, and creative sisters, from The Netherlands. Besides sisters, they call themselves best friends and business partners. Their love and passion for fashion, designs, and entrepreneurship made them create a wonderful brand called Sandee The Label. Before they started their long life dream, they studied fashion management. A few years after their studies, they decided to make it all happen! Their personality, values, and capability are their strengths to succeed!

Despite the pandemic, they started and launched their first collection named the Amsterdam Chapter in November 2020. 

What are the experiences and highlights of Sandee The Label during the production process at COTIT?

One of the important and also difficult things to start your own clothing line is to have good manufacturers and good suppliers. “We are very happy and find it reassuring that we found a partner who guides us throughout this project.” Even though there were some challenges along the way. The main challenge for the Sandee sisters was to be very specific towards COTIT in their designs, what products they had in mind and how to communicate it in the right way. Thankfully hard work pays off! Therefore one of the highlights in this process was the arriving of the first samples. In the end it is so nice to receive some good feedback from the customers about the quality of the clothes and the fabric compositions! 

“ The co-operation with COTIT is very refined, the communication is clear and the network of COTIT has been very helpful.”

How is Sandee The Label handling the pandemic and the lockdown? What were the alternatives?

Pauline and Esther are go-getters, because of that they managed to push forward even during the pandemic. The struggle became real when the manufacturers were closed and when the transportation was so busy that there was no chance to catch up any delays. Still, these dutchies have overcome this, nothing will stop them to achieve their goals. At this moment they are focussed even more on their marketing plans to reach more awareness. To have more interaction with the customers and the world, they are very active on social media. 

Other than being active at their own platforms, they also had a give away sale in the (online & offline) GRAZIA magazine!

Are you an influencer and open for collaboration? You should definitely take a look at what these power women have to offer!  

In their cute, nice located store in Amsterdam, Pauline and Esther figured out an alternative that works throughout the covid-19. They have made a window shop so the customers can see the items and plan an appointment or buy online at their webshop:!

However, let’s hope the pandemic will be over soon. 

Tips, from Sandee The label to fashion startups.

Before you trade in the market you have to be aware of how you want to present yourself in the right market and with the right audience. It is also important to research the things you don’t have enough knowledge about or call in a specialist. Otherwise, you would get stuck or do things the wrong way. 

Team COTIT is proud to be part of their journey and to have worked on their amazing collection! We can’t wait to see what’s next! Check out their webshop, Instagram, and other social media platforms!!!!