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We help fashion companies, start ups and enterprises  fulfilling sustainable demands in textiles and garments. Most brands love working with us, because of our professionalism and our great sense of engagement. COTIT invests in  building outstanding relations. Our key focus in the Service department is making sure you will get the best advice and support to develop a garment collection that is produced in the most sustainable way.

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The Service we offer you



It’s our duty to inform you about the possibilities of manufacturing sustainable textiles and garments. To offer guidance and support to make the most suitable choices for your company.

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We make sure that everything we source is from companies that are working on making fashion more sustainable, just like us. From fabrics to manufacturing and beyond.



Putting the solution together takes great effort as most manufacturers, sustainable fabric suppliers, and others in the chain are not standardized on sustainable fashion yet.

process management

Process Management

To establish a collection, products need to go through different stages. Which are most of the time within the hands of multiple parties. That’s why managing the process is essential.


Transport and logistics

As we work internationally with different sized companies and various operating terms it’s crucial to make the right decisions at the right timing. One single mistake can bring great damage.

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Quality and Control

Before delivery, we make sure that everything is checked and the quality and quantity are approved by a specialized third party. Also maintaining the sustainable part is of great concern.

making sustainability “the new normal”

The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of annual global carbon emissions. The increasing numbers of fashion startups and companies that produce more and more merchandise garments with their company logo printed is creating a worldwide need to do things differently . Informing companies and individuals creates awareness . Not giving an option to manufacture other than sustainable , that is called ‘taking action’! There are many solutions to do things better and smarter, but as long as we keep holding on to old ways real change will only get delayed.  So join us to making sustainability “the new normal”. 

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Just start and trust the process

Every project we commit ourselves to is taken with great responsibility and care. Our production process is well thought out and consistently in evaluation to improve where possible. Although we like to work on as many project as possible, we need to be honest and selective on the projects and type of customers we agree to work with. In the interest of a successful collaboration and creating a valuable, sustainable and high quality product.

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