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Personalized Fashion

Since our establishment, we helped hundreds of companies and individuals realizing their vision and ideas. From concept development to production and transportation. We offer guidance through the whole process and make sure that everything we do is with a Corporate Ethic Strategy. Fashion has become more personal since more brands and styles are available in the market, this enables the individual to choose for personalized fashion.

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Fashion startups

Many fashion startups have worked out their business plan to start their company. The most common obstacle is finding the right production partner. Luckily we work with the best manufacturers in the world and can help you realize almost any type of fashion product.  As long as it made in a sustainable way. 

Company wear

Many companies entrust their Company Clothing and Merchandising with us. Within our manufacturer’s network, we can find solutions to produce clothing that is being used for specific circumstances where protection, endurance, and comfort are required. Keeping track of the newest fashion technologies enables us to find unique solutions for your company’s garments.

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Fashion brands

We work with many fashion brands around the globe and helping them with Concept development, Sourcing, and Distribution management of entire collections. Our goal is to make brands more aware and add sustainable products to their production lines. Finding the rarest fabrics and commercialize revolutionary fashion technologies, such as smart fabrics.

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Integrating technology, sustainability, and critical thinking. We are always looking to find new technologies that are functional and bring impact to our society. Expanding the possibilities for fashion designers to use their creativity. Such as Smart Fabrics that can be divided into  Performance enhancing and Aesthetics wear. But also Fashion applications and technologies that help retailers and webshops to work more effectively and efficiently.

innovation in fashion

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