Preperation is the key to succes

Production Process

Every successful project starts with good preparation. COTIT is constantly refining its production process in a fast-changing world where technological innovations are changing the game.  Our technical knowledge and skillsets ensure that we can keep pace with the most advanced applications and adapt these in our process of working.

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The 3 stages of the Production process 

concept stage

Concept Stage

The first stage contains breaking down the entire project which means going through all concept designs, collect materials, discussing operating procedures and order terms. In this stage, the right partners are being selected for the best outcome of your project.

production stage

Production stage

In the second stage the actual manufacturing will happen. Samples are being made in the most efficient way, so the final production can happen as quick as possible. In the process of all this, a lot of work exists out of managing the project, refining the details and preserve quality and exclusivity.

delivery and transport

Delivery Stage

Last stage is mostly about coordinating logistics, transportation, and getting the products at their destination in the most time-saving and cost-effective way. Also, we make sure that quality and quantity checks will be executed by a specialized third party. Managing potential risk and securing your investment.

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Working Towards success together

From the first consult to final delivery we make sure that our communication is consistent, transparant and efficient. It’s our mission to help and guide through the whole production process to realise your company’s sustainable fashion collection.  COTIT manages the whole sourcing chain, while you can focus on the brand and it’s commercial activities. Most brands love working with us, because of our professionalism and our great sense of engagement.  

Criteria matrix

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Quality and control

COTIT values doing things the right way, which means we ask ourselves frequently if the work we do is done with Integrity and  the decisions we make are adding value to our environment. It is nothing more than normal to us to offer you the best options available. However, it is also very important to us that the way of manufacturing and use of materials are sustainable. Strong quality and conscious decisions from the beginning to the end. 

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Personalized fashion

sustainable fabrics

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