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“our success depends on your success”

how does it work?

1. personal details

Leave your personal details so we can contact you for a success scan by phone. If our call will be inconvenient, we will agree on a better time slot.

2. success Scan by phone

During this conversation we will ask a couple of questions to analyze where you are currently standing with your company. When both parties aggree, we will invite you for a personal consult.

3. preparation

In many cases we analyze that there is still some work to do be done, as a starting company. Preparation is key to move on to the next level. 

4. Personal consult

Through the personal consult, we will discuss things more in depth. Bring along your preparations and after the consult, you will receive an offer to start the partnership. 

5. estimation phase

We value determined entrepreneurs! When you agree up on our offer and pay the invoice within 7 days, you will receive an additional discount of 10% cashback guarantee.

6. Go ahead

Finally we will go ahead to chase your success. We will give more than 200% effort to realize the your ideas within the fashion field. We are looking forward to a wonderful partnership.

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