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As the world’s resources have been exhausted for our own consumption many companies are evolving to work in more smarter, efficient and transparant ways. The textile industry is good for one third of our global CO2 emission. This motivates COTIT to normalise sustainable fashion. 

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With our large network of manufacturers/suppliers we are the perfect partner for all your requirements. With many years of experience in the trading business.

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As a third party we are always looking for a reliable logitics service provider companies who know how to perform effectively and effeciently

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Our worldwide network is very strong. We know one of the greatest manufacturers where the most famous brands also work with. Outstanding quality is normal for us.

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Humanity is consuming at an all-time high. This means that we are exhausting our planet and its resources. That’s why we believe it’s our obligation to find ways to work smarter, more sustainable, and more fairly.

We demand this from ourselves, but also from the companies and individuals we are working with. Because a better world starts with ourselves and the follow up to that is surrounding ourselves with those who are like minded. 

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Doing business means working with people and building strong relations. To us, it doesn’t make any sense that there are people that need to suffer and are being oppressed by their employer. Making profits is important to maintain the vision of the company.

However, having an important role as a company to fulfill the visions and goals of every individual is what we stand for. That’s why we choose to only work with companies that guarantee a safe and pleasant working environment.

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