The relation between nature and humanity. 

Sustainability is everywhere, this term can no longer be avoided. Sustainability is a priority in the policy of the Netherlands and Europe. Maybe you wonder why you would live sustainably? The answer is simple. We must become more environmentally aware, in order to save our own living environment for future generations. We only have one earth and are utterly dependent on it for our survival and well-being. But both people and nature are facing severe consequences if our current consumption increases. That’s the amount of energy we use and our demand for resources to feed, clothes and, as well as materials that we want for pure enjoyment.

The perspectives of sustainability

Sustainable living means for some people choosing quality products and investing in new energy, while for others sustainability is only achieved when fossil fuels are no longer used. This topic is therefore also about stimulating social awareness, so that people become more aware of their role in living more sustainably and protecting our environment. 

But where do you start, and what do you focus on? Our planet can only produce a finite number of resources from food, to water. Using water, electricity and food more efficiently at home is a good start. 

Of course, it is difficult to determine when a country, or even a person, is sustainable. Everyone understands something different by this difficult term. COTIT understands that in a sustainable world people, the environment (planet) and the economy (profit) are in balance with each other, so that we do not exhaust the earth.

By good choices in terms of production, equipment, and transportation, we believe we can make a lot of difference.

Make our world a better place

There are more people, companies and political actors working on sustainability, but each in a different way. Perhaps there is no ‘ultimate’ level of sustainability. No matter how small your steps are, even if you start cleaning up your wardrobe, together they are guaranteed to lead to a better world.

What contribution do you make?