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Global trade

COTIT’s international trading activities are focused on sourcing sustainable textiles, garments and accessoires. We are always looking for the best materials around the world to makes these available to your company. 



As a third party we are always looking for a reliable logistics service provider companies who know how to perform effectively and effeciëntly


Our worldwide network is very strong. We know most of the top manufacturers in the world where all the famous brands are being produced. Outstanding quality is standard for us.

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We care about the environment. That’s why we always looking for ways to work more sustainable and ecological. From our own daily consumptions to the influence we have on our partners.

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trade service in fashion

We offer a wide spectrum of fashion related products and commodities. Specific goods which are needed for the production of garments can be sourced for manufacturers. With our outstanding network and years of experience, we have managed to build a relationships with the top manufacturers in the world.

Next to this we understand the entire deal-making process and are familiar with the most complex procedures that comes along. This ensures you that we are a great partner for your business.

Ready-made products

We work with well-known fashion designers worldwide that created ready-made products. From the latest fashion and style trends to classical and timeless designs. On the other hand we also maintain relationships with distributors, high quantity buyers and fashion retailers .

Adding value two ways and delivering full service ensures that COTIT is the right trading partner in fashion and textile related businesses. Our international network ensures that your company can focus on the important things while we do the sourcing.

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As known in general, there are many types of textiles. But what’s even more confusing is all the different types of qualities and ways of processing. Within our network, we have manufacturers that are specialized in textiles, some of them even have their own textile laboratories to create fabrics that outperform older types and in many cases are even more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Together with Research centers and prestige universities, we invent new innovative technologies.


From buttons, too zippers, too labels and patches. We can supply all types of add-ons that gives that finishing touch. Most luxury brands understand the importance of details and quality. We focus on high quality accessoires and have  the ability to give guidance for creating non-existing and innovative accessoires. Nothing is too crazy for us.

For we stand for innovation and improvement. That’s why we also maintain relationships with inventors, engineers, universities and laboratories all over the world.

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Customers value a unique unboxing moment. It’s like a present that’s waiting to be opened. These days more and more retailers invest in custom made packaging in all kinds of styles. Of course one of the main functions of packaging is protection of products. However, strong brands are aware that a nice presentation ads value to the customer experience.

We create high quality packaging that functions as an extension to the actual product in various quantities, sizes and unique designs.