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Through our reliable and great logistics network, we will make sure that transportation and delivery are being processed in the most efficient way. COTIT is strategically located at Europe’s front door, the Netherlands which is one of the leading logistics hubs in the world.

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With our large network of manufacturers/suppliers we are the perfect partner for all your requirements. With many years of experience in the trading business.


Our worldwide network is very strong. We know one of the greatest manufacturers where the most famous brands also work with. Outstanding quality is normal for us.

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We care about the environment. That’s why we always looking for ways to work more sustainable and ecological. From our own daily consumptions to the influence we have on our partners.

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When goods are being imported or exported the necessary forms and taxation are involved. Things you can easily overlook and there’s also specific knowledge required. There is a lot to consider such as clearing goods, quality and  quantity check, and dealing with customs formalities. All of this can be outsourced to us and we will make sure that everything goes smoothly


Thanks to our experienced teams in the field of shipping transport, we can focus on the most important aspects. Through careful research, we focus on the quantity and quality of freight. In addition, we can manage freight information and documentation. This means that we are a reliable partner to determine. We ensure that your cargo is handled with the utmost care.

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Thanks to a worldwide and reliable network, we can always realize the best possible option for air freight. Our extensive agent network guarantees a smooth settlement. Not only can your goods be transported faster, but it also saves you and your customers a lot of time and money. At COTIT there are always experienced specialists available that will guide you through and find the right solutions.


International business requires a clear agreement on where the seller’s responsibility ends and where the buyer’s responsibility begins. Transparency is key to work towards successful delivery. As we are familiar with all types of incoterms we can easily find the best way to move forward and guide the process between buyers and sellers.


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payment terms

It is important to have clear payment terms and to make them user-friendly so that both the customer and you can clearly understand which rules apply to payment or payment obligations. COTIT naturally adheres to all (privacy) laws and regulations, which apply to both the rules that apply to you as a customer and the rules that apply to COTIT. 

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