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Innovating the fashion industry

We build products & solutions based on experience and knowledge

 The fashion industry has a lot of challenges and improvements to go through. At COTIT we are striving to make a difference by building applications, adopting new technologies, and creating awareness with  sustainable brands that will change the entire industry. We are on a mission to become a world leader in fashion tech, where we envision a future without all the negative sides of the fashion industry.


Creating and developing brands is something we do with passion. It’s a way to express our creativity. We hold a great portfolio of brands.


You could say that we are full on Tech from the heart. Everything we develop is connected and integrated with our own systems.

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Informative, inspiring, and fun are the 3 keywords that describe the content we are creating and the message we would like to share.

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Ele’phants clothing

Sustainability should be the standard, not a marketing label
making fashion honest

Out of experience we have seen that many brands use sustainability as a marketing label. It’s a fact that still too many individuals that create, rather choose taste than making conscious choices.  Most people already know by now that the fashion industry is harming our planet and have negative social effects on people working in production, but unfortunately we still meet fashion entrepreneurs that are not taking these serious topics into consideration in their business.
That’s why we are building solutions that will change the game and will bring transparency in to the industry. We always believed that brandmakers should be the ones that have to take the responsibility over the products they design and develop.

Luckily there are many others that believe in the same things we do and which are working on a brighter future like we are.


The Fashion World Can Be More Innovative And Sustainable.

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