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It can be challenging to make more conscious decisions within the company when you have to rely on so many other factors that feel like they have more priority. That’s why we invented COTIT 360 ° to make information accessible throughout the entire process, from business activities and product traceability to customer habits.

The urge to change only exists when we as an entity get confronted with the number of losses. With the COTIT 360° Solution, we make every essential data about your business visible with user-friendly interfaces. The best thing is we don’t own that data; it’s yours as we store it in the blockchain, which we use as a public database where your data can not be adopted without your consent.

Better understand consumption habits

How great would it be if every person could keep track of their consumption, knowing what they bought, posses, used, or didn’t use. Not only will a consumer know their habits, but also it would enable them to make better choices or even get better offers from the brand they love. Companies will get to know their customers better with our COTIT 360° Solution.

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Innovation and a better work environment start when problems arise. Still, sometimes these problems are ignored or unknown for whatever reason. It would be best if you wanted to constantly solve new problems instead of only talking about the older existing problems for dozens of years as a company. We can solve many issues with a transparent way of doing business, and isn’t that the way to move forward?



On a mission to inspire industries on multiple levels

Since the beginning of our journey, we have been inspiring people with our ambition, boldness, and company culture. You could say it’s in our DNA to want to impact our environment positively.

When we built our company, we envisioned a disruptive organization with clever solutions valuable to companies and people. An eco-system where innovation could flourish, and creativity expands.

Sharing data leads to various opportunities that enable potential growth for you and your relations. You become better in your field of operation and your suppliers, customers, and partners.

Turn positive social and environmental impact into brand value

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