We are making the
product life cycle
visible and accessible
to increase product awareness

A 360° solution that makes product data visible in each step of the supply chain

COTIT is the first company to develop a multi-SaaS solution that amplifies the supply chain industry by providing a 360° view of their product life cycle by visualizing valuable data—making each step traceable and every product unique on its own.

Every involved party in the Supply Chain has a responsibility

COTIT 360 ° is for suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and brands that understand the importance of making product information accessible throughout the entire supply chain process. Optimizing business activities and supply chain processes while viewing consumer behavior. COTIT 360° enables companies to make sustainable choices driven by data.

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We inspired many people with our ambition, boldness, and culture. It is in our DNA to impact our environment positively.



Experience made the way, Challenge expanded the horizon

At COTIT, we grew business by operating as a fashion service intermediary and being deeply involved in every aspect of supply chain management. We worked with numerous brands, manufacturers, and distributors.

Every step has led us to today, where we envision a future where sustainable goals are achieved and innovation increases as data become accessible to build new implications.

Turn positive social and environmental impact into brand value

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Data-Driven , Community Driven , and Impact Driven

It’s simple, we are on a mission to make an impact on a global scale. We believe in a world where we take responsibility together and do things not just the right way but the best way.

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