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COTIT Full Flow Image Using VimDesk, NeoLink and ViaTag.
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Change starts with you saying yes

Leadership is demonstrated by being bold enough to walk up front and seeing obstacles as opportunities. Your organization can achieve corporate excellence with the COTIT 360° Solution. Become a pioneer in product traceability and inspire the community within your industry. Let us show you how to optimize your supply chain management and how product traceability will benefit your business.

A data-driven solution that enables your company to collect, sort, and access product data to improve each step in your supply chain .

Each process within your company will become visible, traceable, and accessible by means of a 360° solution that automates your daily activities, gain clear insight into your supply chain, and understand product usage behavior that brings opportunities to target your customers on a personal level. The visualized data allows your company to be transparent throughout every noteworthy activity, measurement, and compliance.

COTIT Full Flow Image Displaying how a Product from farming resources to final product is displayed.

A system that interconnects with your existing systems

COTIT Full Flow Image Display how an Product can be Identified by using our solutions, VimDesk, NeoLink and ViaTag

Become a sustainable leader and get visibility in your supply chain.

COTIT 360 ° is for all stakeholders within your supply chain and offers you the ability to gather the essential data about the products you offer and the impact they make on our global environment in order for you to contribute to a circular economy. As the importance of a DPP ( Digital product passport ) is rising, it is becoming a necessity for your company to provide reliable and real-time data to regulators, partners, suppliers, and customers.

Turn positive social and environmental impact into brand value

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Impact-focused , Data-driven

We are on a mission to make an impact on a global scale. We envision a society where everyone shares responsibility and acts not just correctly but also optimally.

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