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The Birth of a WEB 2.5 Company

In this episode, we're bringing you an exclusive fireside chat organized by, with Shawn Butler as our esteemed moderator featuring guests Anthony Syams from and Paul Walsh from, where we'll unveil the journey of COTIT as the bridge from Web 2 to Web 3, pioneering the future of technology and which will leave you inspired and informed about sustainability, blockchain innovation, traceability, and data management.


StartUp taking Stage Increasing Awareness

Speaking on a big stage like ESOMAR ( has been an incredible journey. The opportunity to share insights and connect with such an inspiring community is a privilege. One that's left me both humbled and profoundly grateful. Our experience as part of the Green Innovation Hub ( in Almere has been positive. This ecosystem has provided us with a dynamic and supportive environment in which to develop. We are proud to be contributing to the collective effort of creating healthier, more sustainable urban environments through our traceability innovations, and we look forward to further growth and collaboration within this innovative ecosystem.


The Investment Opportunity

Watch the third episode "The Investment Opportunity" and discover how you can make a difference while growing your wealth. Request the pitch deck today! 🚀 “This is a great opportunity for you as an investor”- Anthony Syams.


The Origin

When we innovate, we introduce changes and ideas. The world has all kinds of perspectives about how to be productive and how to make a difference. All of us are called to live out our purpose and create an impact.


Centralized Datapoints

Dive into the heart of “Centralized Datapoints” in Episode 5 of our COTIT Pitchbook Series: Investing for Impact. We bring to you an expedition to Europe's largest harbor and the Netherlands' biggest airport, where we uncover the colossal amount of data flowing within our supply chain.


Aggregated Systems

With 42+ modules, we bring forth a new era of transparency and accountability. With a modular approach and emphasis on interoperability, the data collected enables you to analyze trends, identify areas for optimization, and drive continuous improvement. It provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of alternative materials, recycling rates, and customer preferences, allowing you to make informed decisions for future sustainability initiatives as frontrunners of your industry.



Meet the Team

This series wasn't just a documentation of our progress; it stood as a testament to our dedication to transparency, innovation, and the critical importance of traceability across diverse sectors. We are entering a phase focused on scaling our operations, cultivating partnerships, and making significant strides towards transforming traceability standards on a global scale.

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